Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission House Bill 2525:

Developing standards related to transferability of credits for community colleges and public universities - Master of Public Administration Capstone Project

2016 Marion County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

University of Oregon Community Service Center & Community Planning Workshop, Project Manager

Oregon Historic Theaters: Statewide Survey and Needs Assessment

University of Oregon Community Service Center & Community Planning Workshop, Research Associate

2016 AICP Awards winner for Applied Research

The AICP Student Project Awards recognize outstanding class projects or papers by a student or group of students in Planning Accreditation Board — accredited planning programs that contribute to advances in the field of planning.

Its report documents the physical, operational, and financial needs of Oregon’s historic theaters and presents recommendations for a statewide support system.

Volunteer Tourism in Southeast Asia

Could worldwide tourism adopt a system for tourists that makes the ethical, environmental, and social impact more measurable, apparent, and accessible?

“Due to the complexity of the tourism industry and its proliferation in a wide variety of areas, it is a challenge for destinations to reap the benefits of tourism development while also curbing the disadvantages of uncontrolled growth and development”